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Uni Work

Save the Model..
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a sexy rock star singing live at Wembley? Or a hunky fireman rescuing babies from burning buildings? I certainly have. But for most of the British public and myself these are unattainable dreams. So why are our “talented” designers trying to turn British sky-scraping supermodels to jobs for the average taxpayer.

I have just spent the entire day watching “cutting edge” fashion shows in London. Catching up with old friends, updating my blog, and of course drinking far too many glasses of champagne. But one show, which everyone is talking about, is the ‘Mark Fast’ show but sadly not about the (cough) dull collection, but about his choice of models.

People are shouting from the rooftops, “time for a change”, “new beginnings”. The London light is acting like Fast has just solved world peace, not just thrown some chubby models down the catwalk. As much as I love too see some tits and bum, shoving their curves into skin-tight mini dresses, which is obviously two sizes too small, isn’t appealing. Made headlines across the country. But the models looked unconventional, discounted and didn’t fit in well with the collection. Makes you wonder why Fast has all of a sudden become a fatty lover, which I hope was not just a cruel trick on the young models. Fast is not the only designer to try and cover the headlines without an incredibly designed collection. World famous designer Dame Westwood did try her best too steal some limelight. Using practically the same collection three seasons running, but changing her trained models for a useless Big Brother tramp and a big blonde slut.

I agree with the fact that people come in different shapes and size and I’m no 6fter. However the cynical side of me screams “attention grabbing whores”. Designers are not creating their clothes for different sizes but using this as a weapon to create a media frenzy it seems. But as more untalented people become more famous, maybe this is what the public wants. Which equally scares me. When Anna Wintour places celebrity after celebrity on her front covers of Vogue. Selling out beyond the biggest model superstars. Maybe talented models are old hat?

Hayel Morely (Mark Fast model) now wants to become a ‘celebrity’ spokeswomen for larger women, “All we need now is for more designers to make clothes that fit real women”. On which planet did Hayel Moresly become “real” women size, last time I walked down Oxford Circus I didn’t see hundreds of 6ft tall-size 14 women. However being a celebrity has become a popular career path, ask many children growing up at school what they want to be, Famous? Celebrity? Paris–tranny-Hilton?

Modeling might come across as an easy route to gain stardom. As so many useless people now appear to be advertising once supermodels lucrative work. From Cheryl Cole's “fake hair” for L’Oreal to Sienna Miller “famous for her love life” appearing on the front covers of Vogue. Which I think is great shame for the art, which is, modeling.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Life on the Victoria Line

"Did he really just lick his lips at me?"

I am sitting outside Balans on high-street Kensington. A guy has just licked his lips at me. I repeat licked his lips at me. My jaw hits the floor. This is not G.A.Y this is Kensington! Is this the new way of pulling in 2009? No more hellos or facebook searching, just full-blown-sexual body language. I feel so naked… exposed.

Is this is why I am single? Is this forward thinking? As my thoughts spin round and round in my head I begin too realize I am staring back. The guy actual thinks he has pulled! He is slowly walking towards me. I feel like running too the hills or at least through too the opposite side of Hyde park, “Swiss” idea I thought. Anyway, what do I say? I can’t deal with any more weirdoes after Lazy eye guy.

Aaron is kicking my legs so hard. Shouting, ‘go on, go on’. ‘It’s about time you got some’. True, but no, is this really how I want too meet my future husband? Sitting on a plastic chair, drinking cheap wine, listen to Dido for the 400th time. I quickly stand - my body is shaking – a rush of blood goes straight to my head – I snog Aaron - my bff. Aaron quickly throws me off him and screams so loud even my 90-year-old gran back up in Manchester can hear him. I should feel insulted, but it did the trick, the guy walked off. Thinking I was a lunatic rather than that Aaron was my boyfriend. But I don’t care…

Sometimes I don’t think I am a “normal” gay boy or maybe even person. Maybe I am an alien – why don’t I want to meet anyone new or at least have sex? I believe my heart still mending from rick the dick, but surely a year is long enough to get over someone? If not it should be. I have spent years being an over opinionated twat, with limited knowledge; I was hoping this formula would answer my questions. But maybe everyone has to gain more knowledge to truly understand the pain you go through in relationships. Who knows? Is Aaron right? Do i just need 2 let loose?  

I ♥ when Hilary Duff leaves Gossip Girl...

Hilary Duff aired her first performance on hit TV show Gossip Girl last night.

  1. The girl is wooden
  2. She looks short and frumpy
  3. I am just not loving it.  

On the Streets...

Key trends for
Spotted around Soho, London.

Spring/Summer trends are already on the backs of fashion forward Londoners. Here are few looks which make me green with envy.

  • Black and White - Alexis Mabille, Miharayasuhiro Spring 2010

  • Its all about the Neck - Marc Jacobs catwalks S.S 10
  • Shorts with tights - Dsquared2 Spring 2010

Monday, 5 October 2009

Life on the Victoria Line

‘I would rather be dry than be wondering why’
Oliver Lilley

I have just woken up next to a random guy with a lazy eye. My head is throbbing, all I can think about is best escape route. Front door? Hoover in the way! Fire escape? I am not James Bond. I quickly grab my clothes and run. Good plan I thought, quietly getting up making sure I don’t make sound. Moving the furniture. Opening the door. Walk down the corridor. I hear
‘GOOD MORNING, sunshine.’ Flippen hell, housemates…
Text Colour

My heart just sank - what do I say? You see I have never had a one-night-stand before. This was supposed to be my revelation! After wasting my last few months/years hung up over a guy, let’s call him rick the dick. I wanted to feel naughty and free, this should have been my new
kick-start, shockingly enough I feel a hundred times worse. Even his housemate introduced himself as the lazy eye secretary, (because the amount of guys he has too take numbers from). I wanted too a dig hole all the way too Starbucks, where I would be safe with a tall vanilla latte in one hand and a blueberry muffin in the other. ‘Bliss’

I smile and quickly leave…praying to god I didn’t give him my name, last thing I need is too be is facebook stalked. As soon as I can catch my breath I feel my heart beating faster, I vow to god ‘I would rather be dry than be wondering why’. No more one-night stands. I call up Aaron my bff/style advisor, and as usual he makes me smile and laughs at my perfect attempt of being risqué. Maybe one-night stands are not the future? Maybe? Well I certainly will be staying clear from now on.